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US Military Fuel Trading
Asia Resource Partners Pte Ltd
Biomass Trading

ARP has been trading and aggregating PKS for the international export market since 2008. ARP manages its stockpile operations in Padang, Indonesia, through its subsidiary, PT Indonesia Logistic Partners. ARP has sold in aggregate over 300,000MT of PKS to the international market, including Japan, Thailand, Poland, and Italy.

In anticipation of the import demand increase in Japan and Korea expected in 2019, ARP has forged strategic supply alliances and agreements with white and black pellet producers around the World. Please contact us to discuss your fuel feedstock needs. 

ARP has been providing strategic fuel support to United States Military installations on Okinawa, Japan since 2008. In 2014 ARP were awarded a further US$140million contract to continue supporting the gasoline fuel needs for all bases on Okinawa until 2019.


In 2014 ARP entered into a partnership agreement with Hanwa Co. Ltd. to extend its fuel support to various US Military Bases on mainland Japan. ARP and Hanwa continue to service the US Military in Japan for various fuels.

PT Indonesia Logistics Partners
Stockpile Management
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PT Indonesia Logistics Partners
Trucking Logistics
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ILP provides truck hauling services within Indonesia for a variety of bulk commodities such as coal, metal ores including nickel and iron, as well as aggregates for the construction industry.


ILP directly owns a fleet of 25 dump trucks for its customer operations, and oversees the logistics of up to a further 50 box trucks for its PKS activities and other hauling projects.

ILP operates a number of stockpiles, in Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia. The stockpiles are able to aggregate and screen around 300,000MT of product per annum, without any further expansion or upgrade of its current facilities. We are able to offer product with a TM from 25% to 15%. 


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Asia Resource Partners Pte Ltd
Indonesia Coal Trading
SG Logistics Hub Pte Ltd
Storage Logistics

ARP through its operational company ILP, has access to secure offtake agreements for Indonesian low and medium CV coal. Since we are able to deploy our own staff to oversee and control mining and loading operations, we are able to guarantee a higher degree of success when working in Indonesia. 

Please contact us for a meeting or discussion how we can help you reduce your delivery risk.

SG Logistics Hub Pte Ltd is no longer an operating business in Singapore. Please do get in touch and we will be happy to refer you to our partners for exceptional storage and delivery options.


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Kuber Energy Pte Ltd
 Renewable Energy Funds
JP Logistics Hub
Japan E-Commerce Support

Kuber looks to capitalize on the world’s transition towards a sustainable economy by bringing to market investments that reduce dependence on fossil fuels, have a positive impact on the environment, and promote energy independence.

JP Logistics Hub is a joint venture concept with Alphanet Inc to service the growing e-commerce and logistics market in in Japan. Leveraging the expertise of the Singapore team and experience, JPLogisticsHub is quickly growing to cover all of Japan for warehousing, Pick & Pack, and delivery solutions.  


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